The Invitation
Millicent Martin was going to have a huge 80th Birthday
Party with 80 guests. Milly told her husband, Marc,
“Iʼd rather have 10 dinner parties with 8 people for the
month of June. That way I can talk to everyone !”
Betty White (92) said,“If youʼre going to be 80 or over--you milk it for all itʼs worth.”
And so we did. The first one was on June 1st (get a jump on June 8th!) and
it was at Millyʼs favorite twinkling light garden of IL CIELO in Beverly Hills.
Guests were her bff Betty White, houseguest Jill Donohue-Smith, Robert Wagner,
Jill St. John (Mrs. Wagner).
The first dinner celebrating Millicent Martinʼs 80th Birthday month comes to an end.
From a 1982 Royal Command Performance
in London, sharing a dressing room,
Sheena Easton who is like our daughter
was flying out of Vegas to Japan and
stopped off in LA to do her special
celebration dinner. A terrific lady!
Best daughter with no growing pains!
80th Birthday on June 8, 2014

End of week one...parties end July 8th